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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hoss Cents Free Financial Money Magazine

The free financial money magazine by the Hoss leaves the starting gate today. It is designed for those of you who have difficulty in managing your financial affairs. The Hoss will guide you through the steps each of us should take to achieve our financial goals.

Why, you ask, should I read this financial money magazine and not others? The simple answer to that is you should not limit your reading to this magazine alone. The more information you obtain, the more likely you are to achieve the financial freedom you crave.

The Hoss will provide you with his Hoss Cents tips that contain valuable bits of information, which if followed, will assist you in reaching financial success.

Who is the Hoss? He is an ordinary Joe who retired at age 49.

He did so without the benefit of a college education. He did not inherit money. He was not a pro athlete. He did not partake in criminal activity. What he did do was work hard and make sound financial decisions.

Hoss cents financial money magazine will cover topics such as how to:

  • eliminate debt
  • invest wisely
  • utilize credit cards
  • establish and set priorities
  • achieve your goals with budgets
  • choose a financial institution
  • select an insurance company
  • purchase a home
  • minimize taxes

Plus many more tips of a financial nature.

Each edition will concentrate on one topic. The first publication will explain the absolute necessity of controlling debt. Welcome to the Hoss Cents Free Financial Money Magazine.

Stay on track,
The Hoss

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