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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Working with Your Financial Adviser

From The Hoss's Mouth

Working with Your Financial Adviser

financial adviserYou have done all the necessary leg work, conducted the interviews and have selected a financial adviser. The race for financial freedom is on track but far from over. In fact, you have just entered the starting gate. You and your financial adviser must communicate on a frequent basis. Just like the ongoing communication between jockey and horse, you must let each other know if the pace is just right, or you need to proceed a little slower or a little faster.

Before leaving the starting gate, ensure your financial adviser has a complete and thorough understanding of your financial goals, your current financial situation and your tolerance for risk. This will enable him/her to assist you in producing a strategy for your financial future. Your financial adviser should be providing you with specific and clear recommendations, detail the reasons for the recommendations, and identify the strong and weak points and risks involved.

A word of caution: Do not expect your financial adviser to perform miracles. A quarter horse cannot win a route race, nor can a financial adviser foresee how the markets will perform or always select profitable investments. In other words, do not weigh your financial adviser down with unrealistic expectations.

Remember, this is your money being invested. It is imperative that you stay informed. You and your financial adviser should have a clear understanding of how often you should receive progress reports and statements, and develop a schedule for regular meetings to review your plan. He/she should also know how quickly you expect e-mails and phone calls to be answered. Review all statements when you get them. Make sure the information contained therein is consistent with your agreed upon goals and strategies. If they are not, contact your financial adviser and arrange for a meeting.

It would be to your benefit to stay informed on financial matters by reading newspapers, books
magazines, or blogs such as this one.
If you have time, enroll in a few courses. If you see something of interest, contact your financial adviser for his/her opinion.


Last but not least, keep your financial adviser updated with any change(s) in your personal or financial situation. A work promotion, a new child, and a change in marital status are a few examples that could impact your financial situation.

That's enough for today. Time to trot back to the barn.

Stay on track,

The Hoss

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