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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Alternative Energy Mutual Funds

From The Hoss's Mouth

Hoss Cents Free Financial Money Magazine explores Alternative Energy Mutual Funds. The alternative energy mutual fund is a relatively new type of mutual fund which has developed due to the world wide demand for renewable energy sources.

The world's current nonrenewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas are being depleted and alternate energy sources must be harnessed and utilized. Alternate energy mutual funds invest in projects such as:

Solar Power: Solar panels are used to harness the sun's energy and convert that energy to electricity. An environmental friendly way of producing electricity.

 solar Power

Wind Power: The Hoss is sure you have all seen the gigantic wind turbines dotting the landscape in areas where wind is plentiful. Although science has not yet developed a method to harness the wind produced by politicians, it has successfully managed to produce energy from the wind produced by Mother Nature.

Wind Power

Ocean Power: The energy produced by ocean currents and waves is utilized to power turbines and produce clean renewable power.

Ocean Power

Hydro Power: The old standby that has been capturing the power of water behind dams and then using that water to power generators. Another very clean source for power.

Hydro Power

Geothermal Energy: The heat stored by Mother Nature below the earth service is converted to power and/or used as a source of heat for the home.

Geothermal Power

Other alternate energy sources: include but are not limited to fuel cells, hydrogen, biomass and simple energy conservation techniques

The Hoss, will do his small bit towards conserving energy by keeping this post concerning alternate energy mutual fund investing short and concise.

Stay on track,

The Hoss

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