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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Health Care Reform 2013

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Hoss Cents Free Financial Magazine continues its series on Health Care Reform in the United States. Here are the changes you can expect in 2013.

In order to reduce paperwork and costs of administration health plans will be required to put into practice uniform standards for electronic transfer or exchange of information.

A limit of $2,500 per year will be imposed on contributions to flexible savings accounts. In subsequent years this limit will be indexed by the Consumer Price Index.

Health care reform will eliminate The Employer Medicare Part D subsidy deduction. In addition employers will lose the tax deduction for subsidizing prescription drug plans for Medicare Part D-eligible retirees.

The income threshold will increase from 7.5 % to 10% (an increase 0f 2.5%) of adjusted gross income. However, anyone older than 65 may claim the 7.5% deduction until the end of 2016.

Singles earning more than $200,000 will have their hospital insurance tax increase .9%. Married couples filing jointly and earning more than $250,000 will incur the same increase. This includes net investment income.

An excise tax on the initial sale of medical devices will be imposed. The amount will be 2.9%. There are some exceptions such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or other items for individual use.

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