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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Speaker Boehner Won't Play Ball

The Hoss has been in the stable since Sept. 2010 due to heart problems. This is why there have been no postings to Hoss Cents Free Financial Money Magazine. The good news is the two stents placed in the old ticker seem to have resolved the Issue
Can anyone out there believe the nonsense going on in Washington D.C.? What is with these politicians? They seem more interested in running for re-election rather than running the country. The GOP lead by House Speaker Boehner decided to walk out on negotiations designed at cutting the US federal deficit. This reminds me of the little boy who comes to play a game, brings his own baseball and when things are not going the way he wants them to, he takes his ball and goes home. Childish is the word that best describes Speaker Boehner. Does he not realize the serious financial implications that could befall the American people if some sort of agreement is not reached?  At least President Obama is willing to negotiate and offer real comprises towards a solution to the US Financial problem.

Let’s hope that this financial mess is straightened out before America is trust into a default position. The ramifications of a US default will be felt world wide and could precipitate a world wide recession or even depression. Why? Because speaker Boehner took his ball and went home. Time for the GOP to grow up.

Stay on Track,Money Magazine Hoss

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