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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Romney to Debate Coach “Your Fired”

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Just days after receiving an endorsement from Donald Trump, Presidential GOP hopeful Mitt Romney borrowed Mr. Trump’s well Known phrase “Your Fired”  and canned his then new debate coach,  Brett O’Donnell.

Mr. Romney has already informed the electorate that he likes to be able to fire people who provide poor service, apparently he also likes to fire those who provide excellent service. Mr. Romney’s debate performances prior to the hiring of Mr. O’Donnell were, to put it politely, bloody awful. However, prior to the two Florida debates Mr. Romney’s campaign hired Mr. O’Donnell, and Mr. Romney actually won both those debates handily. So how does Mr. O’Donnell get rewarded? With two words “Your Fired”. Why? Not for poor performance but , according to the Romney campaign, because he was taking to much credit for Romney’s success in those two debates.

The Hoss is of the opinion that Mr. Romney, being the vulture capitalist that he is, just likes to be able to fire people as he previously has stated.

Let's take a look at his record while working with Bain Capital. He loved to go in to struggling companies, have them take on lots of debt, eliminate the employees’ pension plans, close the business down, have the companies file for bankruptcy protection, pay Bain millions of dollars for their services, take a huge salary for himself.Not unlike what Bain Capital is currently doing to American Airlines. Check this article about  Georgetown Steel.

Mr. Romney is also known to hide money off shore,  give millions of dollars to his sons and use a tax loop hole in order to pay a minimum tax. If elected President Mr. Romney has not offered to close the tax loop holes that benefit only the rich.

Mr. Romney's slogan is Believe in America. If he believes in America why is he stashing money offshore and not in America? Why did he, while with Bain Capital ruin numerous companies and close down factories instead of rebuilding as President Obama rebuilt the auto industry? Can you imagine how many autoworkers and related industry workers would be unemployed if America would have listened to Mr. Romney and closed down Detroit.

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  1. Great information made public here about Mr. Romney whether it's hiring or firing Mr. O’Donnell or about heaping money offshore..



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