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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hoss's Best Bet Mutual Funds: Bond Funds

PH&N High Yield Bond Fund

Starting with today's edition, Money Magazine Hoss will begin a series of posts in which he reviews his best bet mutual funds.

Fixed income Bond Funds are the first category of mutual funds Money Magazine Hoss has selected for review.

The Hoss and Mrs. Hoss have included the PH&N High Yield Bond Fund, in their stable of mutual funds.

When the Government of Canada introduced the tax free savings account in 2009, The Hoss and Mrs. Hoss invested the maximum permissible amount in The PH&N High Yield Bond Fund. How has this fund performed? Since their initial investment on January 26, 2009, The Hoss and Mrs. Hoss have realized a return of over 14%.

The PH&N High Yield Bond Fund investment objectives are to provide a high level of income and the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing primarily in a well-diversified portfolio of fixed income securities issued by Canadian corporations.

To achieve the fund's investment objectives, the manager invests primarily in medium quality Canadian corporate bonds and preferred shares and government bonds issued or traded in Canadian and U.S. dollars. The average term to maturity of the portfolio is managed within strict guidelines, typically between three and ten years.

If you are an investor with low or moderate risk looking for a bond fund with high levels of current interest income, this fund may be of interest to you.

As with all Mutual Funds there is some risk with the purchase of this fund. The principal risks associated with an investment in this fund are market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks.

For more information see PH&N High Yield Bond Fund.

Stay on track,

The Hoss
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